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Infrared Transmitter

Find your infrared transmitter at Laflamme Air Libre!

Do you want to buy an infrared booth that is not only entry-level but also very efficient? Do you want it to be versatile or, on the contrary, designed to maximize a single type of use? For your next infrared transmitter, choose Laflamme Air Libre! With SUNKISS MATHERM products, we can offer you a complete range of infrared emitters: static, ventilated and recirculating.

The main applications of the infrared transmitter

  • Design and manufacture of drying tunnels for liquid paints
  • Gelling and baking of powder paints
  • Polymerization of technical coatings for the aeronautical industry, such as PTFE, chromium or aluminium
  • Pre-drying and powdering of textiles
  • Induction gelation of PVC and latex
  • Scrape cooked dishes (such as pizzas); flambé different dishes; brown cookies and crème brûlée

Some exclusions

Electrical, air and gas connections are not included, as are roof and wall openings or sprinkler systems. Crane and crest fees (if necessary) are also not included, as well as permits (if required) and 4-foot neon tubes.
Did you want to look for a baking oven instead? We have continuous cooking and convection!
Would you like to discuss your project with one of our team members before making your choice? Feel free to call or visit us! We will be happy to answer you and guide you!

Need financing for a Booth?

Our flexible financing program allows you to have an adjustable payment structure!

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