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Jet Blasting Booth

Choose an excellent jet blasting BOOTH!

Do you want to install a jet blasting booth? At Laflamme Air Libre, we offer you pneumatic sandblasting booths and mechanical recovery booths. Discover them by continuing your reading and contact us if you have any questions about them later!

The characteristics of the pneumatic blasting BOOTH

At Laflamme Air Libre, we offer you sandblasting booths with pneumatic recovery system. They are recommended for abrasives with a cubic foot density of 100 lbs or less.

Pneumatic recovery is ideal for different elements

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Silicone carbide (silicon carbide)
  • The glass beads
  • Plastic media
  • Nut shells (nutshells)

Some options are available

  • Recovery at one point
  • Full scale recovery (with or without excavation)
  • The trolley, motorized or not, for the transport of parts
  • The trolley with turntable

The characteristics of the sandblasting BOOTH with mechanical recovery

The mechanically recuperated blasting booths (screw system and bucket elevator) are designed for blasting with metal abrasive. Steel shot blasting is fast, dust-free and very economical compared to non-recyclable abrasives. It is an abrasive of choice for sanding steel components. Our booths are manufactured in Canada. They are a product of excellent quality that will meet and exceed your expectations. The booths are custom-made according to your application, your needs and your budget.

Some options are available

  • Single point recovery
  • Recovery in the form of "H", "L" or "U" (other forms available)
  • Full size recovery (entire floor area)
  • The trolley, motorized or not, for the transport of parts
  • The trolley with turntable
  • The system for blowing your parts with the sandblasting hose
  • The possibility of installing a pressure vessel from 1.5 ft3 to 100 ft3 with several outlets
  • We also provide all the necessary safety equipment for blasting.

A flexible financing program

Did you know that our financing program would allow you to save capital because it is not tied up in depreciating equipment? Call us for more information on this subject!

Are you looking for a completely different type of booth, such as a mixing booth or a washing booth? Continue browsing our site to discover all the booths we can offer you!


Need a BOOTH?

We certainly have a booth that will suit your needs!

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