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Baking Oven (continuous/convection)

Take a look at our baking ovens!

Is your company looking for a baking oven that is suitable for most organic coatings? At Laflamme Air Libre, we have exactly the type of baking oven you need and, in addition, we can deliver it to you!

The infrared principle

The principle is simple: SUNKISS MATHERM's infrared emitter transfers active energy to the very heart of the coating through the diffusion of electromagnetic waves in a very wide infrared spectrum. The spectrum is in permanent fluctuation and is perfectly absorbed by all organic coatings (paint, glue, water, etc.).

This radiant energy, which is supplemented by a movement of heated air on the surface of the infrared emitter, results in significantly reduced drying, melting or polymerization times. Specific by its components, unique by its mode of operation, the SUNKISS MATHERM infrared emitter differs from other infrared techniques. It also offers one of the best radiation yields.

Some exclusions

Excluded are all electrical, air and gas connections, roof and wall openings and sprinkler systems. The same applies to crane and crest fees (if necessary), permits (if required) and 4-foot neon tubes.

Are you looking for a tailor-made drying booth? We have them!

Need financing for a BOOTH?

Our flexible financing program allows you to have an adjustable payment structure!

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