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Vantage® FCM Powder Coating Booth

Silent and flexible, powder coating booths are as cost effective for batch coating operations as for walk-in conveyor operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vantage ® provides maximum value, flexibility and spray booth performance. The manual for powder coating operations and for selected automatic operations is included.
  • Huge variety, CFM - 6000, 8000, 10000 and 12000 capacity to meet your specific needs. CFM capacity sensor modules with unique filters to reduce initial investment and operational costs.
  • Superior design and components for exceptionally quiet operation compared to conventional models.
  • Flexible design for batch or conveyor operations.
  • Superior manufacturing as well as in-plant tests demonstrate optimum reliability and performance of the 48” polyester filters to provide superior filtration, long filter life and minimal powder retention.
  • Full-function, UL 508 standard format control panel that complies with safety lock comes on all models.
  • Timed reverse-pulsing to optimize filter performance and life.
  • Optional fluidized powder for easy powder recovery, easy cleaning and powder transfer capacity.
  • Modules shipped in sections for quick and easy installation on site.

Vantage® FCM is ideal for coating operations for companies who wish to obtain powder coating and economically expand production.

Costs will be reduced with a wide range of CFM capabilities.

The Vantage® powder spray system is available in a wide range of simple configurable modules from 6,000 to 12,000 CFM capacity. Vantage® achieves a large CFM capacity in single or larger format, as opposed to conventional CFM models. With less modules you will save money on the initial investment and on operating costs.

Note: Even the largest booth facilities for agricultural coating do not need more than two Vantage® modules, unlike more conventional modules.

Available in standard size and/or format adapted to suit your production and parts requirements

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